Occupational health hazards of library professionals in India

Pal, Jiban K.


The paper revisits a wide variety of health hazards in the library workplace. Through an exhaustive review, it explores the underlying causes of occupational risk & injuries to library workers; aiming to raise the awareness of healthy working practices and statutory requirements. It reflects the viewpoints surrounding the health and safety in libraries to illustrate possible health hazards of library workers in an Indian context. The paper informs about a variety of burdens that persist in the library workplace. It also outlines the major causes of occupational risk in terms of physical, chemical, biological,technological, emotional, and psycho-social hazards. It reveals how occupational hazards emanate in the library work place and how library managers can prevent these hazards by creating health & safety compliance in the workplace. The paper concludes that there is a need for transforming the library profession to improve the level of occupational health practices ensuring standard norms and follow-up actions.


Occupational health; Health hazards; Library workplace; India

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