Citations in chemical engineering research: factors and their assessment

Mushtaq, Muzamil ; Malik, Basharat Ahmad


The study explores citation pattern of the 4112 articles in the field of chemical engineering published from 1974 to 2018 and indexed in Web of Science. Apart from good quality research, a number of other factors may be responsible for citing and not citing an article. The study has also tried to explore such factors. Only the top 500 articles with the most number of citations have been analysed in-depth. The countries like United States of America (USA), China, Germany, United Kingdom (UK), France, Canada, India, Japan, Spain, Russia and Brazil have the highest number of articles. The investigators calculated Pearson correlation between the number of keywords, pages, references and citations and it showed that there is no relationship between the number of keywords and number of citations. The number of pages and the number of references in a publication have a significant and positive impact on the number of citations.


Citation analysis; Chemical engineering; Scientometrics; Bibliometrics

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