Institutional repository of CSIR-NML and the global information seeker

Sahu, A.K. ; Goswami, N.G. ; Choudhury, B.K.


CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory (NML) Jamshedpur established its institutional repository – Eprints@NML inSeptember 2009. The study looks at the use of the repository based on the repository log data. It was found that NMLScientists received 1847 enquires for their articles/projects until September, 2012 which motivated them further to enrich therepository by uploading their research outputs. As a result, by the end of September 2012 there were 5071 uploads as against3972 documents uploaded in December 2011. A total of 27, 40,343 hits were received from different countries duringAugust 2011 to September 2012 and a cumulative total of over 4.86 million hits since inception. The maximum number ofhits was 0.27 million in August, 2012. More than 75% of NML scientists/researchers have registered with Eprints@NMLfor uploading their documents. The top twenty countries accessing the repository were United States, India, Russia, China,UK, Hong Kong, Germany, Netherlands, Iran, Japan, France, Italy, Canada, Korea, Ukraine, Brazil, Poland, Australia,Turkey and South Africa.


Institutional Repository; Eprints@NML; Open Access, CSIR-NML

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