World glaucoma research: A quantitative analysis of research output during 2002-11

Gupta, B M; Kaur, Har


This study analyses the global publications output in glaucoma research during 2002-11 on several parameters. The Scopus Citation Database has been used to retrieve the data for 10 years (2002-11) by searching the keywords “glaucoma or intraocular pressure”. Among the top 15 most productive countries in glaucoma research, India ranks at 6th with global publication share of 3.26% and an annual average publication growth rate of 6.94%. Its global publication share has increased over the years, rising from 2.58% in 2002 to 4.81% in 2011. The average citation impact per paper registered by world publications in glaucoma research was 6.26 during 2002-11, which decreased from 7.54 during 2002-06 to 5.23 during 2007-11. In order to further improve the global research output and research quality, there is a need to promote research into glaucoma and delivery of glaucoma care and further intensify research collaboration among the leading countries. There is a need for primary care practitioners and policy-makers to evolve relevant policies for detection, diagnosis, management and prevention of glaucoma among patients.


Gluacoma; Eye disease; Publications; Scientometrics

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