Assessing the use of electronic information resources in DRDO institutes:
An analytical study of DRDO e-journals consortium

Moorthy, A L; Pant, Ankur


Resource sharing amongst libraries is a good old practice that is aimed at overcoming budgetary constraints. The new millennium saw quite a few number of Library Consortia established in the country, NKRC of CSIR and INDEST being the most successful of them. After taking in to consideration the experiences of these and other Library Consortia that are successfully serving their users, DRDO E-Journals Consortium was established by DESIDOC in the year 2009 with 7 core publishers. This paper briefly discusses the genesis of the DRDO Consortium, its services, budgetary provisions, services offered, and efforts made by DESIDOC to enhance the use of e-resources across the Organisation. An analytical study of the usage of e-resources by the DRDO scientific community was also made and the inferences were listed. Overall the Consortium has been perceived as a major facilitator in providing required information within least possible time.


E-journals consortium; DRDO; Usage; resource sharing

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