Pattern of social media engagements by the learners of a library and information science MOOC course: an analytical study

Naskar, Debashis ; Hasan, Nabi ; Das, Anup Kumar


This study aims to highlight the popularity of Emerging Trends & Technologies in Library & Information Services (ETTLIS) course and investigate the learners' involvement using the YouTube Channel and Discussion Forum of the course. The authors statistically analyzed the learner's engagement in the course by using social media channels. It was found that the learners' active participation in the online discussion forum saw an increase from time to time, and the performance of social media involvement also got popularized through the YouTube channel. The paper, based on social media analytics of the course ETTLIS, suggests the possibility of the development of a set of stable performance indicators based on online engagements in LMS platforms.


MOOCs; Learning management system; Social media analytics; Altmetrics

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