A bibliometric analysis of publications of the Chemistry Department, University of Pune, India, 1999-2012

Nagarkar, Shubhada


The bibliometric parameters including number of papers, number of citations received, institutional collaborations, productivity of journals, subject categories and authorship pattern have been used to carry out the analysis of the research contributions made by the faculty members of the Department of Chemistry at University of Pune. The data set was collected from the Web of Science (WoS) database for the period of about 14 years (1999-2012). The data reveals that thirty faculty members have published 811 papers in 258 journals with 8948 citations. Most of the papers are published in peer-reviewed international journals having high impact factor. These are core journals in the field of chemistry being published in the countries like USA, UK and Germany, etc. The study reveals that there is a continuous growth in publications. About 30% of the papers were published during 2010-2012. The average number of citations received per paper is 11.03. The highest number of citations (905) were received for 41 papers published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry A. This study indicates that majority of the papers published are in the area of physical chemistry. Authorship pattern indicates that highest number of citations are received for papers written by four authors in collaboration.


Bibliometrics;Citation analysis;Chemistry;University of Pune;Network analysis

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