Scientometric study of lithium ion battery research in India during 1989 to 2020

Kumar, Suresh ; Dutt, Bharvi


The present paper uses scientometric indicators to examine the Li-ion battery research in India as reflected through Web of Science Core Collection (WoS) data of 32 years (1989-2020). India produced 2864 publications during the period but the publication activity increased manifold during the last decade. The output was scattered among 1346 institutions. However, 28 institutions produced 1% or more of the total output. One third (34.5%) of the output emerged out of international collaboration. About 71.5% of the output were in journals with impact factor >= 2.The paper also identifies the aspects/direction of research through keyword analysis besides identifying preferred journals and prolific authors.


Lithium-ion; Battery; Alternative energy; Scientometrics

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