Bibliometric analysis of geography doctoral dissertations in Calcutta University during 1935-2019

Mollah, Niti


Data pertaining to 359 doctoral theses from the Department of Geography, Calcutta University during 1935-2019 have been collected from the website of UGC-INFLIBNET, Central library of the Calcutta University and through a questionnaire survey of the currently serving faculty members and research scholars. The temporal pattern with decadal productivity, subject area classification as per Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) and sub-classification (second level) and further sub-division (third level) based on narrow terms, supervisor-wise production of thesis, gender distribution of thesis guided and the productivity of supervisors, gender distribution of researchers, etc. are the dimensions analysed. The study shows that temporal distribution is widely asymmetric with a very few theses in the initial decades and many theses produced in the recent years. Similarly, though there is greater gender parity in recent years among the research scholars, there is gender bias towards male faculty members as for guidance of Ph. D. theses are concerned.


Doctoral Dissertation; Geography; Human Geography; Calcutta University; Subject Headings; LCSH

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