Information needs of managers in Indian financial institutions

Parvez, Akhtar


Corporate managers are in constant need of current and credible information quickly. Through an online survey andinterview of 352 managers working in financial institutions in India, the choice of mangers specific types of information,online/traditional sources and ranking of various information sources have been discussed. Financial and industry specificdatabases were found to be used the most by the managers who had clear preference for electronic format. Fasterexchange/communication was found to be the major reason for managers’ format preference across categories. The articleconcludes that the information providers should focus on providing customised information solutions so that the issuesrelating to the formats, types of sources and so on could be addressed in the best possible manner. Also, a serious thought isneeded on the part of government and private agencies for providing timely and credible information which could be easilyreused for further research and analysis.


Financial and industry databases; databases ranking; Information format preferences

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