Immersive services in libraries: perspectives and views of library professionals

Roy, Samrat Guha; Kanjilal, Uma


The paper aims to determine whether AR and VR library services are useful and, if so, what are the associated opportunities and challenges. Based on the literature review, 40 libraries that have implemented augmented virtual reality services were identified. An online survey of library professionals belonging to the 40 identified libraries was conducted. Sixty-nine percent of libraries use HTC Vive as their preferred VR headset device. Further, 54 percent of the respondents stated the circulation of VR devices as a new service. Findings show that libraries are offering new services such as 3D Model Gallery, 3D Scanning, 3D Printing, and Data Visualization. SWOT analysis of immersive services in libraries identified VR content archiving, copyrighting of 3D content, and constructing metadata schemas for virtual content as the challenging areas that need further research. The study will be useful to library professionals who plan to introduce or experiment with augmented virtual reality services.


Augmented Virtual Reality (AVR); Immersive Services; Data Visualization; Virtual World; Library Tour; Collaborative Learning

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