Quantitative Analysis of Books by Bharat Ratna Professor C. N. R. Rao

Koley, Susanta ; Sen, B K


The paper presents the results of the analysis of 49 books of Prof. C N R Rao, published during 1960 to 2013. The analysis shows that 18 books were written by him singly or jointly with other scientists. The rest (N=31) are works produced under his solo or joint editorship. Thirty five books were published abroad and 14 in India (11 from Delhi) World Scientific published 8 books, Wiley VCH published 4 books, Academic Press and Indian National Science Academy published 3 each, and the rest were published by 22 other publishers. His first book was published at the age of 27. Most of the books were authored by him during his 50s (16 books) and 70s (12 books). All his books were published in English. However, a number of books have been translated into Russian, Chinese, Hindi and Kannada. The popularity of his books can be gauged from the fact that two of his books have run into fourth edition, one to third edition, and five books to second edition. The largest number of books belong to physical chemistry, particularly to solid state chemistry.


Quantitative analysis; Bibliometric analysis; Biobibliometrics; Book publication; C N R Rao; Chemical scientist; Chemistry

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