An Appraisal on auto-ignition/fire problems in coal mines: It's impact and few curative measures

Pandey, Jitendra ; Tripathi, Durga Dutta; Sinha, Nandan Kumar; Khalkho, Ajay ; Pandey, Jai Krishna


Indeed, 'Agni' or the Fire is foremost important and essential for creature on the mother earth, but it is not well-thought of acceptable for coal mining fraternity. Despite of so much helpful to the mankind, auto-ignition/ fire in coal mines create several distresses. The problem of spontaneous combustion or fire in coal mines are became a global catastrophe. Due to fire in coal mines not only loss of huge amount of non-renewal energy resources, but it also produces several agonies on economy, society and environment of the nation. Despite of other reasons, coal mine fire also leads an immense impact on global warming. It leads to several complications on safety of the miners as well as productivity of mines. In this paper, problem associated with coal mine fire, its method of early detection, along with prevention and control methodologies used worldwide are discussed.


Keywords: Auto-Ignition/Fire, Environmental Impacts, Chemical Additives,


प्रमुख-शब्द - कोयला मे स्वतः-ढहन/ आग, पर्यावरण पर प्रभाव, रासायनिक मिश्रण,

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