Solar radiation estimates at Meerut workplace

Rajput, Ashok Kumar; Goyal, Sunil Kumar; Srivastava, Gaurav ; Tiwari, Rajesh Kumar


The research is concerned with the assessment and analysis of solar radiation in a workplace with longitude 77.706 (77°43' east) and latitude 28.984 (28°59' north) located in western Uttar Pradesh and the National Capital Region of India. Solar radiation energy which varies according to geographical location and weather conditions and also depends on the variation in components of solar radiation such as global and diffused components. Every year from June to September except the rainy season, the spreading components of solar radiation are more and there is a significant amount of solar energy available in this area. This work estimates the variation in solar components of complete solar radiation and the possible availability of solar radiation energy, may play an important role in reducing the electrical energy crisis in the Meerut region.

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