Oleuropein and oleic acid: A novel emerging dietary target for human chronic diseases

Rahiman, Shaik ; El-Metwally, Tarek H ; Shrivastava, Divya ; Tantry, Mudasar Nabi ; Tantry, Bilal Ahmad


The human chronic metabolic disease is predominantly associated with the disturbance in the lipid, proteins and nucleic acid biological balance due to the attack of free radicals generated from oxidative stress. Currently, the available synthetic antioxidants are synthesized by food industries are very effective and inexpensive but as chronic use, it exhibits many toxicological health effects like synthetic drugs. Hence, plant origin antioxidants gained increasing attention all over the world. In this regards, Olive tree (Olea europaea L.) belongs to Oleaceae family and its by-products such as olive leaves and olive oil are highly focused by many researcher due to its potential therapeutic effects in a reversal of various chronic diseases without any side effects. Oleuropein and Oleic acid are the major components in the olive by products and attributes olive as a holly natural remedy and also olive oil considered as a potential food ingredient in the Mediterranean diet. The fat content in olive fruits is higher than olive leaves. Whereas, the protein ratio is higher in olive leaves and more abundance of Oleuropein, which contributes major health benefits as compared to olive oil. Oleic acid with high MUFA ratio contributes to the major health benefits of olive oil to several human chronic diseases.


Dietary antioxidants; Mediterranean diet; Olea europaea L.; Oleic acid; Oleuropein

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