Coupling dye degradation and biodiesel production by Geitlerinema sp TRV27

Renugadevi, K ; Nachiyar, Valli C ; Padmavathy, H ; Devi, Anjali P


In this study, the dye degrading the ability of marine cyanobacteria, Geitlerinema sp TRV27 was tested against the textile dye Acid black 52. Optimum conditions like pH, temperature, dye concentration for acid black 52 dye degradation were studied and were found to be pH 7, 25±2°C. More than 50% of degradation was observed for the tested maximum dye concentration, 100 ppm. The degraded dye intermediate was found to be naphthalene by GC-MS analysis and their toxicity on seed germination was studied. The dye treated biomass was used for the production of biodiesel and the physicochemical properties of biofuel were found to be within the standard limits.


Acid black 52; Biofuel; Cyanoabcteria; Degradation; Dye; Geitlerinema sp

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