Formation of long-lived reactive products in blood serum under heat treatment and low-intensity laser irradiation, their role in hydrogen peroxide generation and DNA damage

Ivanov, VE ; Karp, OE ; Bruskov, VI ; Andreev, SN ; Bunkin, NF ; Gudkov, SV


Long-lived reactive protein products were shown to be evolved under heat treatment and low-intensity laser irradiation in blood serum in presence of dissolved oxygen from the air. These reactive protein products generate hydrogen peroxide for a long time, which results from conjugated electron-radical chain reactions. Long-lived reactive protein species play an important role in the adaptation of living systems to stress factors. Apparently, the formation of visible light- and heat-induced reactive protein species is not specific to just blood serum proteins, rather than it could also be a feature of other proteins.


Action of heat; Laser radiation; Long-lived reactive protein species; Oxidative stress; Reactive oxygen species

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