In silico interaction of hesperidin with some immunomodulatory targets: A docking analysis

Ganeshpurkar, Aditya ; Saluja, Ajay


Forms eternal era, plant, mineral and animal products are used as drugs for the treatment of various diseases. The use of medicinal plants for immunomodulation has a long history. The modern medicinal compounds find their leads in natural products. Immunomodulation amends the immune system of an individual by prying with its usual functions. Discovery of immunomodulators from natural sources has been comprehensively made to modulate the immune system to prevent diseases. Hesperidin has been investigated for its potential anti-inflammatory effects. Hesperidin demonstrated analgesic effects in experimental animals. The present study is focused on exploring the in silico interaction of hesperidin with some chemokines and inflammatory targets. In this study, hesperidin was docked with TNF-α, IL-1β, IL-6, and NOs. Docking studies revealed the excellent interaction of hesperidin with these targets. The result of this work provided an insight into the discovery of novel molecules for immunomodulation and treatment of inflammatory disorders. Additional studies on hesperidin and associated flavonoids are necessary to establish its safety. Hesperidin, can, therefore, can be considered as a candidate for development of an immunomodulatory agent.


Cytokines; Hesperidin; Immunomodulatory; Inflammation; Nitric oxide

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