Green synthesis of acetohydroxamic acid by thermophilic amidase of Bacillus smithii IIIMB2907

Singh, Rahul Vikram ; Sharma, Hitesh ; Gupta, Prasoon ; Kumar, Amit ; Babu, Vikash


Acetohydroxamic acid is a pharmaceutically active metal chelating agent which has various applications in the field of medicine. Current study focuses on the enzymatic synthesis of acetohydroxamic acid catalysed by thermophilic amidase from Bacillus smithii IIIMB2907. Bacterial cells were grown in 7 L fermenter for amidase production and effect of pH, temperature and substrate concentration for the biotransformation of acetamide to acetohydroxamic acid was studied. Batch reaction was also successfully optimized at bench scale with the recovery of ≈ 81% acetohydroxamic acid (purified).


Acetohydroxamic acid; Bacillus smithii IIIMB2907; Thermophilic amidase

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