Ultrasonication mode for the expedition of extraction process of chitin from the maritime shrimp shell waste

Suryawanshi, Nisha ; Ayothiraman, Seenivasan ; Eswari, J Satya


Worldwide, marine crustacean waste is a major problem for environmental pollution, and it is a severe risk to the coastline area. Shellfish wastes consist of some commercially valuable products, mainly the chitin. The extraction of chitin from the shellfish waste is very complicated and required a successive pretreatment process. Sonication can improve the process of extraction of chitin from the shrimp shell waste. In this study, the conventional and ultrasonication method of pretreatment was applied and compared for the extraction of chitin. By the conventional method, 12 h was required for the removal of calcium and proteins each. In contrast, only 6 h was required for the complete removal of calcium and proteins each, by the ultrasonication assisted method. After pretreatment, the results were analyzed and compared by the already purified commercial chitin using Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy. Ultrasonication improves the rate of reaction of the pretreatment by the process of cavitation. By this work, the ultrasonication technique was proved to be much faster than the conventional method for the pretreatment process.


Chitin; FTIR; Pretreatment; Shrimp shell

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