Cytotoxic and microbial studies of mixed metal complexes

Kumari Sanivarapu, Aruna ; Aruna, P ; Babu, BK ; Swarna Latha, B ; Venkata Rao, P ; Salapaka, Appalacharyulu


Breast cancer and its treatment have become a prominent and challenging problem today. The increasing multidrug resistance to microbial pathogens is the root cause of breast cancer. Women suffering from cancer showed high levels of E. coli and S. aureus. In the last few decades, there has been a considerable need in the medical field for the discovery of new compounds endowed with antimicrobial activity, despite the fact that several antibiotics and chemotherapy drugs are currently accessible. Substantial research was conducted, particularly on transition complexes as metal-based drugs in pharmacological applications to provide therapeutic options. The synthesis, characterization, antibacterial activity, and cytotoxic activity of copper complexes with specific ligands of amino acids such as tyrosine and arginine are discussed in this work.


Amino acids; Anti-microbial; Breast cancer; Copper; Cytotoxicity

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