Prevention of progression of osteoarthritis knee. Is it possible?

Prabodh Kumar, D ; Sarella, L ; Srinivasrao, B ; Bhaswanth, D


Knee joint is an organ made up of joining of two long bones and supported by joint capsule, ligaments and menisci which is moved by muscles. It helps in locomotion. As many physicians thought osteoarthritis of knee is not a degenerative disease but failed attempt of the joint to repair the mechanically induced damage caused by abnormal intraarticular stress. Normalization of this stress is shown to result in structural and symptomatic improvement. Progression of osteoarthritis can be prevented by strengthening of bone and muscles and also by correcting the altered mechanical axis. Strength of bone and muscles is the strength of joint.


Knee joint; Mechanical axis; Osteoarthritis; Osteotomy

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