Achievements of agricultural biotechnology: An initiative to double the farmer’s income through cutting edge technology

Jayaswal, Deepanshu ; Priyadarshini, Parichita ; Tilgam, Jyotsana ; Choudhury, Sharani ; Yadav, VK ; N Noonjingarakuzhi, Sreeshma ; Kumar, Deepesh ; Ranjan Prakash, Nitish ; Kumar, Kuldeep


The population of the world is increasing nearly exponentially over time. To feed this population following the environment conservation protocol, it is essential to enhance the agricultural productivity even in the synchronizing agrarian land use pattern. To enhance the quality and productivity in agriculture sector, introducing the cutting edge technology is need of the hour.From ancient times, traditional approaches like selective breeding, adoption of agronomic management practices and application of indigenous technical knowledge have been used to attain resilience against various abiotic and biotic stresses. However, these traditional approaches are not sufficient to tackle the increasing repercussions of climate change and feed quality food to the expanding population. Therefore, in order to address these issues of climate change, population explosion and malnutrition, biotechnological interventions can be a promising approach. In the past, biotechnology based approaches have given successful products like Herbicide-resistant Soybean, Pusa Basmati 1, Bt Cotton, Bt Brinjal, Flavr-Savr tomato, a therapeutically significant product of Lithospermum erythrorhizon and Panax ginseng. Besides that many more need based products are in pipeline which is under scrutiny of regulatory bodies, policymakers and environmentalists. It is profoundly expected that in the coming day’s agricultural biotechnology applications will bring revolutionary changes to existing agricultural scenario. Therefore, in this review, we have summarized the achievement of agricultural biotechnology that is assisting to enhance the agricultural produce to double the income of farmers. However, this much is not enough; hence full utilization of all the sustainable agricultural biotechnological tools must come into the existence that definitely will boost the agricultural productivity.


Bio-fortification; Genetic engineering; Omics; Molecular breeding; Sustainable agriculture

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