Blind docking of 4-Amino-7-Chloroquinoline analogs as potential dengue virus protease inhibitor using CB Dock a web server

B Ranade, Prasanna ; N Navale, Dinesh ; W Zote, Santosh ; Kulal, Dnyaneshwar K ; Wagh, Swapnil J


Currently, there is no approved drug to combat dengue. Various quinoline derivatives are known for potential antimalarial, antiviral activities, etc. In the present work docking between 4-Amino-7-Chloroquinoline analogs was performed with dengue virus NS2B/NS3 protease using CB dock, a web server. Lys74, Ile165, Val147, Asn152, Asn167, Trp83 and Leu149 amino acid residues were found to be in contact with designed 4-Amino-7-Chloroquinoline analogs. Different modes of binding like hydrogen bonding, hydrophobic interactions, etc with designed compounds improve potential anti-dengue characteristics in silico. ADME results are in acceptable range.


2FOM; ADME; Amino Acids; Drug design; Quinoline

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