IJBB Vol.57(2) [April 2020]

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Minor Review

Trianthema portulacastrum L.: Traditional medicine in healthcare and biology PDF
Uttam, Das ; Tanmay, Saha ; Rita, Ghosh ; Subir Kumar, Das 127-145
Biomarkers in Overactive Bladder PDF
Manidip, Pal ; Soma, Bandyopadhyay 146-150


Thiol stabilized copper nanoparticles exert antimicrobial properties by preventing cell division in Escherichia coli PDF
Kumar N, Ganesh ; Satya Deo, Pandey ; Mallick, Sathi ; Sudip Kumar, Ghosh ; Panchanan, Pramanik ; Anindya S, Ghosh 151-157
Inflammation: A protagonist in development of carcinogen induced cervical cancer in mice PDF
Elizabeth, Mahapatra ; Souvick, Biswas ; Madhumita, Roy ; Sutapa, Mukherjee 158-166
PEITC by regulating Aurora Kinase A reverses chemoresistance in breast cancer cells PDF
Souvick, Biswas ; Elizabeth, Mahapatra ; Madhumita, Roy ; Sutapa, Mukherjee 167-177
Effect of Indian honey on expression of p53 and cyclin B1 in HeLa cells PDF
Amruta, Naik ; Sucheta, Dandekar ; Nishigandha, Naik 178-184
A Prospective study to evaluate the demographic variation of gender independent sequences in cell-free fetal DNA (cffDNA) concentration and to predict pregnancy outcomes by non-kit based economical method PDF
Mriganka Mouli, Saha ; Subir Kumar, Das ; Madhumita, Mukhyopadhyay ; Maitree, Bhattacharrya 185-191
Association of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (Val66Met) polymorphism with the risk of Parkinson’s disease and influence on clinical outcome PDF
Syed Tazeem, Fathima ; Fatima SD, Tasneem ; Rukmini Mridula, Kandadai ; Vijay Kumar, Kutala ; Rupam, Borgohain 192-201
Association of SLC6A3 gene polymorphisms with the pharmacokinetics of Levodopa and clinical outcome in patients with Parkinson’s disease PDF
Fatima SD, Tasneem ; Syed Tazeem, Fathima ; Boddupally, Sreenu ; Rukmini Mridula, Kandadai ; Rupam, Borgohain ; Vijay Kumar, Kutala 202-212
Increased erythrocyte osmotic fragility in hypothyroidism PDF
Tanmay, Saha ; Subir Kumar, Das 213-218
Grape extract protect against ionizing radiation-induced DNA damage PDF
Indrani, Singha ; Sudhanshu, Saxena ; Satyendra, Gautam ; Abhijit, Saha ; Subir Kumar, Das 219-227
Important chemical structural features of curcumin and its derivatives: How do they influence their anticancer activity? PDF
KI, Priyadarsini ; VV, Gandhi ; A, Kunwar 228-235
Association of vitamin D receptor (VDR) gene polymorphism with blood lead levels in occupationally lead-exposed male battery workers in Delhi – National capital region, India PDF
Himani; Raman, Kumar ; Busi, Karunanand ; Sudip Kumar, Datta 236-244
Application of machine learning tools for evaluating the impact of premenopausal hysterectomy on serum anti-mullerian hormone levels PDF
Boddupally, Sreenu ; SV, Kameswari ; Shaik Mohammad, Naushad ; Vijay Kumar, Kutala 245-251

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