IJBB Vol. 58 (4) [August 2021]

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Minor Review

Surface modifications of biodegradable polymeric nanoparticles and their characterization by advanced electron microscopy techniques PDF
Kulshrestha, Ritu ; Singh, Amit ; Kumar, Pawan ; Mishra, AK ; Dinda, AK 321-333
Applications of electron microscopy in Drosophila neurobiology research PDF
Tandon, Shweta ; Aggarwal, Prerna ; Sarkar, Surajit 334-343


Pharmaceutical acetylation can modulate the amyloidogenicity of human serum albumin PDF
Bharathi, Vidhya ; Manglunia, Ruchi Rajkumar; Sharma, Neetu ; Nirwal, Sadhana ; Patel, Basant K 344-351
Distribution of erythroid spectrin (α, β) immunoreactivity in the human retina PDF
Nag, Tapas C 352-358
Disaggregation of amyloid-like protein aggregates isolated from human cataract lens PDF
Mittal, Chandrika ; Harsolia, Ram Swaroop; Singh, Manish ; Yadav, Jay Kant 359-365
Ameliorating potentials of N-acetyl-l-cysteine against methoxychlor instigated modulation in structural characteristics of granulosa cells of caprine antral follicles PDF
Bhardwaj, Jitender Kumar; Saraf, Priyanka 366-372
Biofabrication of Silver Oxide Nanoparticles (SO-NP) by autolysate of Pseudomonas mendocina PM1, and assessment of its antimicrobial/antibiofilm potential PDF
Chaurvedi, Venkatesh ; Babele, Piyoosh Kumar; Singh, Prabhakar 373-380
Effect of constant light on the morphology of the retina in domestic chick (Gallus g. domesticus): A scanning electron microscope study PDF
Gorla, Shilpa ; Nag, Tapas C 381-384
Morphology of adhesive surfaces in the sisorid catfish, Glyptothorax sinense sikkimensis PDF
Das, Debasish ; Chakraborti, Saurabh ; Nag, Tapas C 385-393

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