IJBB Vol. 58 (6) [December 2021]

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Molecular docking analysis of phytoconstituents of Illicium verum fruit against Caspase 3, MMP-9 and TNF-α PDF
Saila M, Hima ; Thakur, Santhrani 510-519
Facile synthesis and implications of novel hydrophobic materials: Newer insights of pharmaceuticals removal PDF PDF PDF
Malsawmdawngzela, Ralte ; Lalhmunsiama; Tiwari, Diwakar 520-531
Efficient use of Ferrate(VI) in the remediation of aqueous solutions contaminated with potential micropollutants: Simultaneous removal of triclosan and amoxicillin PDF
Lalthazuala, Levia ; Lalhmunsiama; Tiwari, Diwakar ; Mok Lee, Seung 532-542
Antioxidative potential and anticancer activity of Elaeagnus caudata (Schltdl) against Type-II human lung adenocarcinoma, A549 cells via caspase-mediated apoptotic cell death PDF
Nghakliana, F ; Lalmuansangi, C ; Zosangzuali, Mary ; Lalremruati, Marina ; Zothansiama 543-556
Drug repurposing of Daclatasvir and Famciclovir as antivirals against dengue virus infection by in silico and in vitro techniques PDF PDF
P, Naresh ; Sundar P, Shyam ; K, Girija ; SJ, Pradheesh ; AG, Shanthoshivan ; S, Akashwaran ; AK, Swaroop ; S, Jubie 557-564
Synthesis, spectroscopic studies and pesticidal activity of transition metal complexes with unsymmetrical schiff base PDF
Singh, Shweta 565-571
Antioxidant efficacy and cytotoxicity of ethanol extract of Clerodendrum infortunatum against different cell lines PDF
Malsawmdawngliana; Zohmachhuana, Alex ; Vabeiryureilai, M ; Meitei Thangjam, Nurpen ; Lalrinzuali, K ; Senthil Kumar, N ; Kumar, Awadhesh 572-581
Screening of antibacterial and cytotoxicity of the copper (II) complexes of N-donor chelating ligand PDF
Bimolini Devi, A ; Damayanti Devi, M ; Surbala, Laishram 582-589
Fluorescent N-doped Carbon Dot-Copper and Silver Nanocomposite - An effective uric acid sensor PDF
Mary Sam, Dona ; Vergheese T, Mary 590-601
Removal of emerging micropollutants from water using hybrid material precursor to natural sericite clay PDF
Lalhmunsiama; R Pawar, Radheshyam ; Chowdhury, Aniket ; Zirlianngura; Mok Lee, Seung 602-610

Indian Journal of Biochemistry and Biophysics (IJBB)