Fluoride selective chemosensor derived from vitamin B6 cofactor pyridoxal

Sahoo, suban K


An easy-to-prepare and non-cytotoxic Schiff base receptor (L) is synthesized by condensation of pyridoxal with aniline. The anion sensing ability of L is explored by naked-eye, UV-vis and fluorescence methods. The receptor L shows a high selectivity and sensitivity for the sensing of fluoride anion among the other tested competitive anions. The sensor L shows both naked-eye detectable color change and significant ‘turn-on’ fluorescence at 550 nm in the presence of F- with the detection limit as low as 0.4 mM. The fluoride recognition by L is supported by 1H NMR and DFT data. The detection of cytoplasmic fluoride was tested in human cancer cell HeLa through fluorescence imaging.


Chemosensors, Anion sensors, Anion recognition, Fluoride sensor, Fluorescent turn-on, Schiff base receptors, Vitamin B6 cofactor, Pyridoxal

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