Photocatalytic activity of mixed-phase of TiO2 synthesized by non-aqueous methodology

Tilve, S


A mix-phase (anatase-rutile) nanocrystalline titania particles were successfully synthesized in a non-aqueous solvent medium using a novel approach of controlled hydrolysis of titanium isopropoxide. The hydrolysis was carried out by the controlled release of water molecules from simple Schiff base formation reaction of anisaldehyde employing aniline as an amine component in isopropanol solvent medium. The excess aniline used, and the imine formed acts as directing agents. The photocatalytic activities of the catalysts prepared were compared with Degussa P25 for methylene blue degradation in direct sunlight. The photocatalytic activity was found to increase with decreasing availability of water molecules formed during the Schiff base formation (imination) reaction. Also, it was found to affect the phase and shape selection. TEM images show sphere-like to hexagonal to a rod-shaped formation of particulates.


Titanium dioxide; sol-gel; non-aqueous; photocatalyst; methylene blue

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