Synthesis, structure and molecular Hirshfeld surface analysis of polymeric cadmium(II) complex involving tetradentate N3S-donor ligand and dicyanamide as bridging ligand

Kumar, Sujit Baran; Munshi, Sadeka J; Sadhu, Mehul H; Guin, Mridula


One new polymeric cadmium(II) complex {[Cd(bdmpe)(µ1,5-dca)]ClO4.CH3OH}n has been synthesized by the reaction of cadmium perchlorate with ligand N,N-bis((3,5-dimethyl-1H-pyrazol-1-yl)methyl)-2- phenylthio)ethan-1-amine (bdmpe) in presence of dca (dicyanamide, N(CN)2-) as bridging ligand in methanol and characterized by spectroscopic techniques. Single crystal X-ray diffraction study of the complex confirmed that it has polymeric 1D chain and each cadmium centre has distorted octahedral geometry with N5S coordination and is bonded through two terminal nitrile group of the dca ligand using m1,5 coordination modes. Intermolecular interactions and packing modes of the compound are described by Hirshfeld surface analysis and two dimensional finger print plots.


Cadmium(II), N3S-donor ligand, Bridging ligand, Polymeric complex, Hirshfeld surface analysis

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