Synthesis and structure of a mixed ligand copper(II) compound based on a distorted {CuN2O3} square pyramid

Srinivasan, Bikshandarkoil R; Deshpande, Megha S; Naik, Amrita A; Morajkar, Sudesh M


The synthesis, spectra, thermal study and crystal structure of a mixed ligand copper(II) compound viz. [Cu(biq)(acac)(NO3)] 1 (biq = 2,2′-biquinoline, acac = acetylacetonate) are reported. The {CuN2O3} coordination sphere is made up of two oxygen atoms of an unique acac ligand, an oxygen of the nitrate group and one N atom of biq ligand which form the basal plane {CuNO3} of a square pyramid. A second nitrogen atom of the biq ligand occupies the apical position resulting in a distorted square pyramidal {CuN2O3} polyhedron. In the crystal structure, each neutral square pyramidal copper(II) species is linked with two symmetry related molecules with the aid of intermolecular C-H×××O hydrogen bonding interactions. A study of fifteen mixed ligand copper(II) acetylacetonates reveals that in this series of compounds, 1 exhibits maximum deviation of the {CuN2O3} polyhedron from square pyramidal towards trigonal bipyramidal geometry.



Copper(II), Acetylacetonate, 2,2′-biquinoline, Square pyramid, Hydrogen bonding

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