Deoligomerization of paraffin wax to mineral oil with alumina supported zirconium complex catalyst

Biswas, Shalini ; Kumar, Dr. Anil


The present study demonstrates the use of a homodinuclear macrocyclic Zr-Zr complex catalyst in the catalytic deoligomerization of paraffin waxes to mineral oil without any gases. The deoligomerization of waxes is commercially important process and it requires the breakage of C-C bond. Various heterogeneous catalysts reported in literature are known to produce more than 100 components consisting of noncondensable gases CO, CO2, C1 to C6 alkanes, liquid products (C7 to C14), aromatics and several unsaturated compounds. The use of our catalyst, in the deoligomerization of waxes produce only liquid component and GC-MS analysis has been shown it to consist of octadecane, eicosane, tricosane, docosane, nonadecane and one alkene i.e.1-hexacosene.


Macrocyclic complex catalyst; Alkanes; Deoligomerization; Paraffin wax

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