Analytical investigation of unsteady CuO nanofluid flow, heat and mass transfer between two parallel disks

Azimi, Alireza ; Azimi, Mohammadreza


The heat transfer in the unsteady CuO nanofluid flow between two moving parallel disks has been investigated using analytical method called Galerkin Optimal Homotopy Asymptotic Method (GOHAM). The effect of Brownian motion on heat transfer enhancement has been shown. The analytical investigation is carried out for various governing parameters such as the squeeze parameter, Hartman number, Brownian motion and thermophoretic parameters. The results show that concentration is an increasing function of Brownian motion parameter while it is a decreasing function of the thermophoretic parameter.The comparison of obtained results with numerical solutions assures us about the validity and accuracy of the current study.


Squeezing Flow; Nanofluid Flow; Heat Transfer Enhancement; GOHAM; CuO

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