Vol 25, No 3 (2018)

Indian Journal of Chemical Technology

Table of Contents


A review on performance, emission and combustion characteristics of a diesel engine fuelled with various vegetable oil PDF
Asokan, M A; Vijayan, R ; Senthur Prabu, s 225-234
Effect of the solid/liquid ratio on zinc and cadmium uptake on natural and iron-modified zeolite - Batch scale design PDF
Ugrina, Marin 235-245
Kinetics, equilibrium and thermodynamics studies on Cd(II) removal from aqueous solution by magnesite tailing PDF
Erol, Seda ; Ozdemir, Mine 246-254
Comparative studies on the removal of chromium(VI) from aqueous solutions using raw and modified Citrus Limettioides peel PDF
Premkumar, Palanisamy ; Ramasamy, Sudha 255-265
Removal of Cr(VI) from aqueous solution using coir pith biochar – An eco-friendly approach PDF
L., Vidhya ; M., Dhandapani ; K, Shanthi ; S, Kamala-Kannan 266-273
Tetraethylenepentamine-modified cellulose-graft-poly(methyl acrylate) applicable for Pb(II) adsorption from aqueous solution PDF
Ma, Qinglin ; Yan, JiLong ; Liu, He ; Li, Dongping ; Liu, Yulong ; Jia, Qiujin ; Che, Yuju ; Meng, Fanjun 274-280
Analytical investigation of unsteady CuO nanofluid flow, heat and mass transfer between two parallel disks PDF
Azimi, Alireza ; Azimi, Mohammadreza 281-286
Kinetic study of the dissolution of metakaolin with hydrofluoric acid PDF
Pinna, Eliana Guadalupe; Barbosa, Lucia Isabel; Suarez, Daniela Silvana; Rodriguez, Mario Humberto 287-293
Studies on the interaction between polymer and surfactant in aqueous solutions PDF
Kamil, Mohammad ; Sharma, Shikha 294-299
Use of orange peel as an adsorbent for the removal of Cr(VI) from its aqueous solution PDF
Naik, Radhey Mohan 300-305

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