Simple and efficient synthesis of jasminaldehyde over modified forms of zirconia: Acid-base bifunctional catalysis

shamshuddin, md ; kumar, mohan ; yaseen, mubarak


The synthesis of jasminaldehyde over zirconia based acid-base bifunctional catalysts has beem reported. Solid catalysts such as zirconia, ceria and ceria-zirconia have been prepared and characterized for their physico-chemical properties such as surface area, surface acidity, surface basicity, crystalinity, functionality and elemental analysis by using techniques such as BET, NH3-TPD, CO2-TPD, PXRD, FT-IR and ICP-AES. The solid catalysts are evaluated in the aldol condensation of benzaldehyde and 1-heptanal to synthesize jasminaldehyde. Reaction conditions such nature of the catalyst, weight of the catalyst, molar ratio of the reactants, reaction temperature and reaction time have been studied to get a set of optimized reaction conditions under which highest possible yield of jasminaldehyde could be obtained. Reactivation and reusability of these solid catalysts is also studied. Ceria-Zirconia mixed oxide is found to be highly active and efficient bifunctional catalyst for the selective synthesis of jasminaldehyde. This catalyst is found to be reusable atleast for 6 reaction cycles without much loss of its catalytic activity.


Acid-basebifunctional catalysts; Jasminaldehyde; Ceria-zirconia; Aldol condensation; 2-n-Pentyl-2-n-nonenal

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