Vol 24, No 5 (2017)

Indian Journal of Chemical Technology

Table of Contents


Adsorption of Co(II) on nanobentonite surface:Kinetic and equilibrium studies PDF
batouti, mervette abdel moneim 461-470
Adsorption of p–nitrophenol on coconut shell granular activated carbon: Isotherms, kinetics and thermodynamics PDF
Achari, V Sivanandan; Jayasree, S ; Rajalakshmi, A S 471-478
Leaching of the active component of alumina supported sodium catalysts during the transesterification of soybean oil PDF
Gupta, Arun Kumar; Garg, Sanjeev ; Deo, Goutam 479-487
Experimental investigation and kinetic modeling of adsorption behaviour of inexpensive Ziziphus mauritiana seeds PDF
Singh, Harminder ; Rana, Shivani ; Mittal, Sunil 488-497
Synthesis and characterization of β-cyclodextrin coated Fe3O4/carbon nanocomposite for adsorption of tea catechin from aqueous solutions PDF
Gogoi, Aniruddha ; Navgire, Madhukar ; Sarma, Kanak Chandra; GOGOI, PARIKSHIT 498-507
Vinegar production from vegetable waste: Optimization of physical condition and kinetic modeling of fermentation process PDF
Chakraborty, Kaustav ; Saha, Suman Kumar; Raychaudhuri, Utpal ; Chakraborty, Runu 508-516
Counter-intuitive comparable diffusivity of xylene isomers in zeolitic mesopores: Confirmation from adsorption and catalysis studies PDF
parikh, parimal a 517-524
Biosorption potential of Gracillaria corticata in the sequestration of malachite green from aqueous solutions PDF
Macrocyclic divalent transition metal complexes of cobalt, nickel, copper and zinc with their antimicrobial, spectroscopic studies PDF
Sharma, Kavita ; Singh, Prof. Dharam Pal; Kumar, Dr.Vikas 534-540
Biosynthesis and characterization of zerovalent iron nanoparticles and its application in azo dye degradation PDF
El-Sayed, Eman ; El-Kady, Marwa ; Abd El-latif, Mona 541-547
Simple and efficient synthesis of jasminaldehyde over modified forms of zirconia: Acid-base bifunctional catalysis PDF
shamshuddin, md ; kumar, mohan ; yaseen, mubarak 548-554
Development of egg packets and silica from rice husk PDF
Shukla, S K 555-559
Synthesis of chitosan based gel and study of swelling characteristics PDF
kaur, navneet 560-562

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