Optimization of SSF parameters by OFAT for biosynthesis of cellulase using isolated Aspergillus niger



Cellulases represent a major group of the industrially significant enzyme. The present study deals with cost effective production of cellulase (CMCase and FPase) using isolated Aspergillus niger with the employment of a horticultural waste banana peel (BP). Optimization of environmental and nutritional parameters has been done by the classical one factor at a time method (OFAT) followed by chemical characterization of banana peel by EDX and visualization of the topology of banana peel after fermentation by SEM. By applying OFAT methodology for optimization of physical and nutritional parameters, the CMCase and FPase activity is found to increase about 5.21 and 1.97 fold for (111.05 U/gds and 9.45 U/gds) CMCase and FPase, respectively compared to the control (21.3 and 4.8 U/gds for CMCase and FPase, respectively). EDX analysis shows that the banana peel contain high amount of carbon and that is the reason why no additional carbon supply is essential for the growth of the isolated fungi. SEM micrograph illustrates asymmetrical and micro porous morphology of BP and uniform growth of the fungi on the surface of the peel after fermentation.


CMCase; FPase; Aspergillus niger; EDX; SEM; SSF

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