Role of Mn on reducibility and acidity of Cu-Zn promoted Co-Fe based bimetallic Fischer–Tropsch (F–T) catalysts

Gupta, Pavan Kumar; MANDAL, SANDIP ; Mahato, Abhishek ; Maity, Sudip


The effect of Mn is studied on Cu-Zn promoted alumina supported bimetallic (Co-Fe) FT catalyst. The catalysts have been prepared by wet impregnation technique on alumina with the respective metal nitrate solutions. Characterization of the catalysts have been carried out with XRD, H2-TPR, NH3-TPD and BET surface area. The results indicate that small addition of Mn enhances reducibility and minimizes the acidity of catalysts. This study will help to understand the contribution Mn for the development of efficient catalysts for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis.


Fischer-Tropsch synthesis; Wet impregnation; Reducibility; Acidity

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