Thermodynamic and kinetic study of CO2 adsorption/desorptionon amine-functionalized sorbents

Liu, Yamin ; Xiong, Min ; Zhang, Chengbiao ; Weng, Xiuping ; Shi, Ronghui ; Yu, Xiaojing


The thermodynamic and kinetic characteristics of CO2 adsorption of SBA-16 loaded with pentaethylenehexamine (PEHA) have been investigated using adsorption column system. The Langmuir isotherm model fitts the CO2 adsorption isotherms well, and the average isosteric heat of adsorption is 59.6 kJ/mol, indicating that the CO2 adsorption on PEHA-loaded SBA-16 is chemisorption. The Avrami fractional dynamics model is very suitable for illustrating the adsorption behaviour of CO2 adsorption, and the results of kinetic analysis show that increasing the partial pressure of CO2 or the working temperature is beneficial to the adsorption of CO2. Three desorption methods were evaluatedto achieve the optimal desorption method. The results show that VTSA and steam stripping method are effective methods for industrial CO2 desorption. Steam stripping may be more suitable for plants that already have low-cost steam. The activation energy Ea of CO2 adsorption/desorption is calculated using Arrhenius equation. The activation energy Ea of CO2 adsorption/desorption was calculated using the Arrhenius equation. The results show that the absolute value of Ea (adsorption) decreases with the increase of CO2 partial pressure. In addition, the Ea value of vacuum rotary regeneration method and steam stripping method is smaller than the Ea value of temperature swing regeneration.


Thermodynamic; Kinetic; CO2; Adsorption; Desorption

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