Vol 26, No 6 (2019)

Indian Journal of Chemical Technololgy

Table of Contents


Thermodynamic and kinetic study of CO2 adsorption/desorptionon amine-functionalized sorbents PDF
Liu, Yamin ; Xiong, Min ; Zhang, Chengbiao ; Weng, Xiuping ; Shi, Ronghui ; Yu, Xiaojing 473-482
Statistical optimization of the Zinc chloride activated biomass using Box-Behnken design PDF
Das, Shilpi 483-493
Synthesis of green thermally resistant composite: A review PDF
Dixit, Shobhit ; Yadav, Vijay Laxmi 494-503
Synthesis and characterization of two novel antibacterial dendritic methacrylate-based dental monomers PDF
jaymand, Mehdi ; Lotfi, Mehrdad ; Barar, Jaleh ; Kimyai, Soodabeh 504-513
Synthesis and kinetic analysis of hydromagnesite with different morphologies by nesquehonite method PDF
yulian, Wang 514-521
Dip coating of forsterite-hydroxyapatitie-poly (ɛ-caprolactone) nanocomposites on Ti6Al4Vsubstrates for its corrosion prevention PDF
Kumar, Shivendra ; Prakash, P. Shakti ; Barnwal, Surendra Kumar; Pawar, Suryappa Jayappa; Tewari, Ravi Prakash; Ji, Gopal ; Prakash, Rajiv 522-528
Hemolytic and DNA binding studies of divalent transition metal ion based macrocyclic complexes PDF
sangwan, vikas ; SINGH, D.P. 529-535
Immobilization of fungal cellulase on chitosan beads and its optimization implementing response surface methodology PDF
Stabilization of bacterial cells culture on immobilized Alginate beads and optimization of Congo red decolorization PDF
Sathish, Sundararaman ; G, Narendrakumar 544-552
Mo (VI)/ZrO2 coated on honeycomb monolith as solid acid green catalyst for the acetylation of substituted alcohols and amines under solvent free conditions PDF
sundar, shyam 553-561
Electro-analytical characterization of carbon paste electrode for detection of Heavy Metal Ions PDF
Mourya, Arti ; Mazumdar, Bidyut ; Sinha, Sudip Kumar 562-565

Indian Journal of Chemical Technology (IJCT)