Structure and physical properties of cellulose triacetate/ nanoclay nanocomposites

Abdel Salam, Mohamed ; Sobahi, Tariq R. ; Abdelaal, Magdy Y.


The nanoclay has been used to modify cellulose triacetate by forming nanocomposites of different composition. The nanoclay and cellulose triacetate as well as the resulting nanocomposites were identified using Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM). The mechanical and thermal properties of different nanocomposites are also investigated. It was generally observed that the addition of the nanoclay to cellulose triacetate increased the thermal conductivity, tensile strength and Young's modulus by 415, 81 and 93%, respectively, on adding only 5% of the nanoclay to cellulose triacetate.


Nanoclay; Cellulose triacetate; Nanocomposites; Thermal properties; Mechanical properties

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