Vol 27, No 1 (2020)

Indian Journal of Chemical Technology

Table of Contents


Optical and anti-oxidant application of zinc doped cadmium sulfide nanoparticle PDF
c, selvakumar 9-17
Experimental studies in antisolvent crystallization: Effect of antisolvent ratio and mixing patterns PDF
Waval, Aniket S; Patel, Pooja ; Nemade, Parag R; Mathpati, Channamallikarjun S 18-25
A low-cost adsorbent (wheat plant ash) prepared from agricultural waste for removal of paraquat from aqueous solutions PDF
Mandavgane, Sachin A 26-34
Groundnut plant ash: Characterisation and adsorption efficacy study for removal of paraquat dichloride PDF
Kamble, Manisha Gunderao; Deokar, Sunil K.; Tajane, Sonali P.; Mandavgane, Sachin A 35-42
Support vector regression: A novel soft computing technique for predicting the removal of cadmium from wastewater PDF
PARVEEN, NUSRAT ; Zaidi, Sadaf ; Danish, Mohammad 43-50
Adsorption of cationic dye methyl green from aqueous solution onto activated carbon prepared from BrachychitonPopulneus fruit shell PDF
RIDA, Kamel 51-59
Fabrication and investigation of superhydrophobic surface by dip coating PDF
Megaraj, Meikandan ; Vellaisamy, Dr. Kumaresan ; Ramalingam, Dr. Velraj 60-66
Corrosion investigation of nickel base superalloys in simulated high level waste medium using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy PDF
Samantaroy, Pradeep ; Suresh, Girija 67-72
Electrochemical determination of propranolol by using modified screen-printed electrodes PDF
Mohammadi, Sayed Zia 73-78
Mass transfer studies of Direct Orange 102 dye onto a non-conventional adsorbent PDF
Pachamuthu, Srinivasan 79-84
Structure and physical properties of cellulose triacetate/ nanoclay nanocomposites PDF
Abdel Salam, Mohamed ; Sobahi, Tariq R. ; Abdelaal, Magdy Y. 85-89

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