Analytical solution of unsteady GO-water nanofluid flow and heat transfer between two parallel moving plates

Azimi, Mohammadreza ; Riazi, Rouzbeh


Unsteady squeezing nanofluid flow between parallel plates has been analyzed analytically. The based fluid is water containing graphene oxide. The Reconstruction of Variational Iteration Method is used to solve this problem. Similarity transformations are used to transform the governing nonlinear equations of momentum and thermal energy to a system of nonlinear ordinary coupled differential equations with fitting boundary conditions. The transmuted model is shown to be controlled by a number of thermo-physical parameters, viz. moving parameter, graphene oxide nanoparticles solid volume fraction, Eckert and Prandtl number. Nusselt number and skin friction parameter are achieved for various values of GO solid volume fraction and Eckert number. The comparison assures us about validity and accuracy of solution.


Squeezing flow; Nanofluid flow; Heat transfer enhancement; Analytical solution; Graphene oxide

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