Magnetic nano carbon balls - Synthesis and adsorption studies

V, Kumaravelan ; B, Murugesan ; Ponnusamy, Sivakumar


Madhuca longifolia oil used as precursor oil for the synthesis of nano sized carbon balls with a size of 50 to 100 nm. An indigenously designed reactor assembly is used for this synthesis. Low temperature direct pyrolysis method is employed with the help of multi-metal catalyst derived from Alternanthera sessilis stem ash. The synthesized carbon balls have a bulk density of 0.124 g/mL and BET surface area of 805.87 m2/g. In-order to ensure the effective recovery of NCB, it is immobilized with a magnetic nano particle Fe3O4 and used for the adsorption studies of Acid Green 25 dye from aqueous solution under batch mode. Batch mode studies also proved the endothermic nature and physisorption mechanisms. The maximum Langmuir monolayer capacity of 243.90 mg/g has been achieved at a temperature of 45°C.


Acid Green 25; Alternanthera sessilis; Isotherm; Kinetics; Madhuca longifolia

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