Solar photocatalytic treatment of gelatin industry effluent: Performance of pilot scale reactor with suspended TiO2 and supported TiO2

Swaminathan, M.


Degradation of gelatin in the effluent by heterogeneous photocatalysis using suspended and supported TiO2 in falling film photoreactor under natural solar light has been investigated. Suitable weight proportions of slurry comprising fevicol and home-made TiO2 have been prepared and the fevicol TiO2 (F-T) film on acrylic sheet is obtained by brush coating. TiO2 coating containing 10 wt% fevicol is found to be more adherent and efficient for gelatin degradation. This F-T catalyst in the falling film photoreactor has been tested for the treatment of effluent and its efficiency is compared with suspended homemade TiO2. The effects of operational parameters such as the amount of TiO2, effluent concentration, and initial pH on treatment process by F-T coating as well as by suspended TiO2 slurry have been analyzed. The F-T film is efficient for repeated treatment of effluent when compared to suspended TiO2. Hence this cost effective solar photocatalytic process is widely applicable at industrial scale.


Suspended TiO2; Falling film photoreactor; Solar light; Gelatin industry effluent; Degradation; Photocatalysis

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