Vol 23, No 2 (2016)

Indian Journal of Chemical Technology

Table of Contents


Effect of adsorption parameters on biosorption of Zn++ ions from aqueous solution by graft copolymer of locust bean gum and polyacrylamide PDF
Giri, Tapan Kumar; Verma, Urmila ; Tripathi, Dulal Krishna 93-103
Chromogenic polyaniline picrate- A novel sorbent for selectivity of anions in potassium and sodium salts PDF
Natrajan, Radha 104-113
Study on residence time distribution of CSTR using CFD PDF
Khapre, Akhilesh ; Rajavathsavai, Divya ; Munshi, Basudeb 114-120
Prediction of AHAS inhibition by sulfonylurea herbicides using genetic algorithm and artificial neural network PDF
saidi, asiye 121-130
Corrosion inhibition of steel in sulphuric acid by aqueous extracts of Rose and Rose water PDF
Al Turkustani, Aisha Mahmood 131-138
Solar photocatalytic treatment of gelatin industry effluent: Performance of pilot scale reactor with suspended TiO2 and supported TiO2 PDF
Swaminathan, M. 139-145
Adsorptive removal of lead ion from aqueous solution by activated carbon/iron oxide magnetic composite PDF
shi, zhongnglia ; Yao, Shuhua ; Yang, Xingman 146-152
Filled and unfilled glass/jute-epoxy methacrylate of 1,1’-bis(4-hydroxy phenyl) cyclohexane composites: Mechanical and electrical properties PDF
Parsania, Parsotam Haribhai 153-157
Preservation of the crude avocado oil with electric field treatment PDF
Ariza, Jose Alberto; MANRÍQUEZ-TORRES, Jose de Jesus ; CALDERÓN-RAMOS, Zuli Guadalupe ; CRUZ-CANSINO, Nelly del Socorro ; RAMÍREZ-MORENO, Esther ; ALANÍS-GARCÍA, Ernesto ; DELGADO-OLIVARES, Luis 158-161

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