Optimisation of chitosan-honey composite film for wound dressing application

R, Rathinamoorthy ; R, Thenmozhi ; G, Thilagavathi


This research aims to develop honey loaded chitosan composite film based dressing for wound care application. The composite films have been prepared with different combination of chitosan, honey and cross-linking agent as per box and benhken design. The result analyses the effect of process parameters like chitosan percentage, crosslinking agent and honey percentage on the physical properties of the developed film. The findings indicate that increment in crosslinking agent percentage increases the brittleness of the film, the increment in honey and chitosan percentage helps to improve the important parameters like fluid absorption capacity, folding endurance and degradation of the film. The numerical optimization result shows that 1.5% of chitosan, 1.2% of acetic acid and 7.9% of honey as best combination for film development with respect to the selected responses. The developed wound dressing are characterised for their physical properties and also the biological evaluation. The antibacterial test and liquid culture test results confirm that the developed film dressing possess higher resistant against gram positive and negative bacterial strains.


Chitosan-Honey composite; Wound dressing; Box and Benkhen design; Antibacterial test; Liquid culture test

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