Physicochemical properties of doping Nickel –Cobalt oxides catalysts supported on SiO2 and its catalytic activity

Rashid, Md Mamoon; Fahmy, Yaseer Mahmud; Ismail, Mohmed


The physicochemical and catalytic properties of low-cost metal mixed oxide catalysts have been researched and characterized. To explore catalysts, various characterization techniques such as BET and X-ray diffraction (XRD) have been utilized. Three distinct catalysts, C1(NiO-Co3O4/Silica), C2(NiO- Co3O4-ZnO/ Silica), and C3(NiO- Co3O4-BaO/ Silica), are synthesized with 20 wt% mixed oxide (NiO- Co3O4) supported on silica and doped with zinc/barium oxide, and then dried at 110C overnight and calcined at 350oC All three catalysts have been tested in an ethyl acetate saponification reaction, and the conversion of reactants is calculated. In comparison to the other catalysts, C2 (NiO-Co3O4-ZnO/ Silica), which is a combination of NiO-Co3O4/SiO2 doped with zinc oxide, show good catalytic activity. In terms of catalyst doping, the addition of zinc oxide to the Silica supported original composition boosted the catalytic activity for the saponification reaction compared to barium oxide and without doped.


Barium oxide; Ethyl acetate; Mixed oxides; Saponification; Zinc oxide

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