Defluoridation of water by electrocoagulation using aluminium electrode

Chandraker, Neeraj ; Chaudhari, Parmesh Kumar; Jyoti, Ghoshna ; Thakur, Raghwendra Singh


Fluoride (Fˉ) has been removed successfully removal from laboratory prepared fluoride water solution through electrocoagulation using Aluminium (Al) electrode. Consequence of parameters such as pH, current density (CD), initial mass of Fˉ and treatment hour are analyzed over Fˉ removal. The maximum defluoridation of 85.2% occurred at pH 6.5, CD 34.72 A/m2 (1A) and contact time of 50 min for starting Fˉ concentration of 50 mg/L in the solution. The kinetic study has been performed to explore the mechanism of electrocoagulation technique, disclosed that the order of the reaction was in the span 2.0-2.07 and 0.05 for fluoride concentration and current density, respectively. This study shows that electrocoagulation using Al electrode has good potential for fluoride removal.


Current density; Electrocoagulation; Fluoride reduction; Kinetic; Synthetic water study

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