PANI blended MoS2 decorated GO ternary nanocomposite for efficient electrochemical sensing of crucial components in food and beverages

Murugan, E ; Dhamodharan, A ; Saranya, S


An electrochemical detection dependent on Polyaniline (PANI) blended MoS2 decorated GO (MoS2/PANI@GO) ternary nanocomposite has been developed and used for selective and concomitant determination of Vanillin (VAN), Theophylline (TP) and Caffeine (CAF). The surface morphology and structural properties of the composite are denoted by various scientific methods. The electrochemical behaviour of MoS2/PANI@GO has been investigated by Cyclic Voltammetry (CV) and Differential Pulse Voltammetry (DPV). The electrochemical oxidation (anodic) peaks have been observed at 0.59, 1.1 and 1.36v in phosphate buffer (pH 7) for Vanillin, Theophylline and Caffeine, respectively. A good linear current response and limit of detection of 0.043, 0.062 and 0.07 of VAN, TP and CAF, are obtained respectively. The concocted electrode reveals low detection limit, wide linear range, excellent reproducibility, high acuteness and stability. The study is also continued to the analysis of the certain components in the commercial foods and beverage samples.


Caffeine; Cyclic Voltammetry; Food Analysis; Theophylline; Vanillin

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